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About So Cal Rush
Based in Victorville, California, So Cal Rush Soccer Club is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization established to provide an unparalleled personal growth experience through the game of soccer and to promote life-long participation in the sport. Formed in 2007, through Coyotes Soccer Club (est. 2001) merging with the National power house Rush Soccer Club (est. 1997). So Cal Rush now services over 1,200 players on an annual basis. As a member of the United States Youth Soccer Association and US Club Soccer, the Club offers recreational and competitive programs for players of all ages and abilities.

Rush has become recognized as one of the premier youth soccer organizations in the nation.  Soccer America, a sports journal, recently ranked Rush #6th for girls and 18th for boys in the nation.  Only two clubs in the country rank higher in both boys and girls. Since 1998, Rush competitive teams have won over 30 United States Youth Soccer and US Club Soccer national championships. Rush competitive teams compete locally in leagues organized by the California State Youth Soccer Association.

In addition to the core advanced and developmental programs described above, the Rush offers special programs that include special needs teams, inner city outreach programs, Club scholarships/financial aid, a college advisory program and a video library.   So Cal Rush annually hosts 4 sanctioned soccer tournaments through Cal South (CYSA), So Cal Rush Winter Cup (February), So Cal Rush Spring Cup (April), So Cal Rush Summer Cup (June) and So Cal Rush Summer Slam (August). These tournaments attract between 200 – 300 soccer teams from throughout the country to the High Desert area.

So Cal Rush Soccer Club is sanctioned by the U.S. Soccer Federation; the governing body for soccer at all levels in the United States, and enjoys a close working relationship with California Youth Soccer Association (CYSA) and other regional clubs.  Like most community soccer clubs, So Cal Rush is primarily volunteer-run and managed.  Volunteer posts currently include the Board of Directors, coaches, assistant coaches, team parents, referees, team managers and team treasurers.  The cumulative commitment of these volunteers to our organization exceeds 200,000 hours each year. Both staff and volunteers alike provide the overall direction for the Club in offering coaching and instruction, workshops and clinics, and licensed training for volunteer and staff coaches.  Our high-quality training accommodates the most novice to the most advanced players.

National Expansion
Rush began expanding in 2003 with its first partnership in Virginia.  Soccer Partners America, d.b.a. as Rush Soccer, is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization and was established to serve the Rush Partners across the U.S. and abroad. In 2005, we became the largest club in United States.  Today we have grown to 21 partnerships totaling over 34,000 members, the largest club in the World!

Member Club Benefits
The decision to join the Rush organization entitles local clubs to receive numerous benefits.  For many clubs, the first, and foremost, benefit is the opportunity to be part of an organization with a national reputation for excellence.  Because Rush has member clubs in many parts of the country, players and coaches have opportunities to participate in additional tournaments.  These exchanges offer both groups exposure to new and different styles of play and coaching. For elite tournaments, Rush is able to compile Select Teams made up of the best players from all the member clubs. In addition, clubs benefit from the technical and administrative expertise of the Rush organization. 

The Rush Way 
The Rush has developed a philosophy and methodology that serves as the foundation for an elite caliber organization both on and off of the field. Our goal has consistently focused on national over local success, excellence over mediocrity.  With these goals firmly in mind, Rush Soccer has developed “The Rush Way”, an organizational credo that defines our coaching, player development and organizational philosophies.  Over the years, the club has developed, improved and tested “The Rush Way”, and the results have been impressive:  numerous national championships, dozens of state titles, a national reputation that attracts the best players, coaches and sponsors and the confidence to be a pioneer in youth soccer through innovative programs and initiatives.
Mission Statement 
Rush Soccer is committed to providing an unparalleled soccer experience for all who have interest in the game of soccer.  
Rush Soccer promotes the development of character, the electricity of competition and the importance of pure enjoyment.  We accept the responsibility of teaching life lessons to our athletes to further their growth inside the game and out.  We believe that all players should be afforded an equal opportunity to explore their potential and participate in challenging circumstances that will yield positive outcomes.   

We are committed to making soccer a pleasant, safe and rewarding experience for everyone involved, regardless of age or ability.  Through quality coaching, sound leadership and absolute sincerity, Rush Soccer will work to be the best soccer club in the nation.

Membership Objective 
The 2011 expansion plan calls for a membership base of 40,000 players and a projected $20 million budget.  With over 34,000 members currently, we are on target to achieve this objective.  The success of Rush Soccer will be determined by the success of each and every club, team and individual.  As we strive to accomplish our growth targets, we are continually aware of this responsibility to our members. 
Facilities Objective 
To establish a headquarters for Rush Soccer within the state of California by developing the Victor Valley College land leased for this purpose.  When completed, this state-of-the-art soccer complex will serve as home base for our membership and enable Rush to expand the services we offer to our community.  The complex will include outdoor playing surfaces, a clubhouse, office space, rehab and fitness programs and more.  
Success Defined 
Achievement of these objectives lays the groundwork for the development of a national level club association that will serve in the future as a system for the WPSL, MLS or other professional teams.  In addition, this creates the framework for a national coach and player development network.  

The Task Ahead of You is Never as Great as the Power Behind You!

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