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So Cal Rush at the Summit


Boys Director of Coaching Lucas Kim attends the 2012 Rush Summit

One of the advantages of being part of the Rush Nation is the vast network it encompasses.  This is never more true than when the many leaders of Rush Clubs from all across the country and the Globe decide to gather in one central location and have a meeting of the minds.  This year, Boys Director of Coaching Lucas Kim had the priviledge of attending the Rush Summit and learn all about the Rush Way.  While there, they were hosted by Eurosport and given a tour of their facilities, they then spent the majority of their days participating in discussions and practice sessions.  This was a fantastic opportunity for Lucas to learn about the different aspects of what makes Rush such a great organization and an opportunity to get in touch with other states about the daily functions of their own Clubs.  Lucas brings back a lot of knowledge and resources to Southern California to help in the success of our local Club and aid in the development of our athletes.

2012-01-20 19.51.30
Lucas enjoys dinner with Rush colleagues from across the country, from left: Pancho Macias (NM Rush); Matthew Mittelstaedt (AR Rush); Adam Logan, Kendra Auston, Holly Schulz (Rush National); Brian Lux, Nik Penn (Pikes Peak Rush) 
IMG 20120119 104206 2012-01-19 09.18.42
We were all given a special tour of the Eurosport facilities in North Carolina.  The office headquarters (left) display a lot of memorabilia collected over the years, while an inside look of the warehouse facilities (right) show the sheer volume of their operations.
IMG 20120119 105351 IMG 20120119 105537
 Some classic items from the Soccer Museum which have made their way into the Eurosport offices after its closing.  An autographed Nike ball from the 1999 Women's World Cup Champions

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