Weekend of 9/6 - SCDSL GAMES START for all age groups  +++  10/11 - SAT (no games for U16 - U19)  +++  10/18 - PSAT (no games for U14 - U19)  +++  10/25 - ACT (no games for U16 - U19)

Baseball Mania! Fundraiser



Baseball Mania is an exciting sweepstakes fundraiser based on professional baseball.  Sweepstakes participants can win $1,000’s in cash prizes based on the number of runs scored by the baseball teams which are randomly selected and printed on the sweepstakes game cards.   All sweepstakes game cards have an equal chance to win prize money based on the performance of the random baseball teams printed on the back.   Game cards contain 3 random teams in each of the last 15 full weeks of the pro baseball season (you get 3 new teams each week).  To play the game, participants simply add up the runs scored by their 3 teams.  Every week, the 10 highest scoring game cards, and the 4 lowest scoring game cards all win prizes.

Winning game card example:

Say your game card has these teams one week:

Team             Runs scored

Boston          42

Tampa Bay  35

Arizona         41


Total Runs: 118

If your card’s teams score more total combined runs than any other card, then you win the top prize for that week!  The players can check the status of their cards online or wait to hear from

Each player will start with 5 cards to sell at $20 each.  Once your cards are sold, please turn the money and ticket stubs into your Team Manager. 

6/08/2012     All ticket stubs and money are due by 6:00 PM to VVC.  

6/11/2012 – Baseball Mania begins!

6/17/2012 - Week 1 Winners Announced!  Winners will be calculated and posted on the website after the completion of all the games for the week (ending with the games played on the Sunday of that week).  Ticket   

                        holders can view how their ticket performed and whether they won on the Charity Mania website.  Winners will be announced weekly from this point on.

6/29/2012 - individual accounts will be credited monies earned.

For questions or more tickets, please contact Lisa Simmons-Dekker (B99) at 760-265-5502


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